Reusable Produce Bags – 100% Cotton Mesh

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You can purchase a set of 6 reusable cotton mesh produce bags for just $20!

2 reviews for Reusable Produce Bags – 100% Cotton Mesh

  1. Alex M.

    I absolutely LOVE my resusable product bags! I’m impressed with how durable they are and just how much produce they hold. I am constantly telling friends and family about how wonderful these are. Highly recommend!

  2. Kimberly MacDonald

    These make so much sense! I never have to fight with those horrible plastic bags, they go right in the wash and back in my car for the next shopping trip! I bet I’ve already saved a whole roll of plastic bags since I started using these! I even bought a set for a friend who’s in love with them now too! Thanks ladies for being game changers in this plastic world we live in. You really are changing the world one plastic bag at a time!

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